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Need a New Marketing Tool to Get an Edge on the Competition? Make an App

Do you have content that you want people to read? If you have products, you do. You can put anything in an app that you can put online and an app is interactive. You can use geo-location, videos, messaging and lots more to enhance the experience and engage your customers and prospects further. If you have any doubts, check out an article published today in eMarketer called Media CEOs Look to Smartphones, Tablets for Digital Growth. These people know how to create, distribute and promote content better than anyone on the planet. What do they think about mobile marketing?

  • 79% said that tablets will have the greatest impact on their industry.
  • 100% said that tablets and smartphones will be the biggest drivers of growth for content consumption.

I have been marketing technology for 15 years and I know it’s rough, but for those of you that like data and measurable results, our world is getting better. Online and mobile marketing represent an opportunity to invest conservatively and test your results. With this information, your programs will do a better job attracting traffic and converting visitors.  I bet your online marketing program checklist looks something like this right now:

  • Website
  • SEO
  • Social media (Twitter and FB, but think seriously about LinkedIn if you are B2B)
  • Direct email
  • PPC advertising
  • Public relations
  • Web events

Your next item should be an app.

Until recently, apps have been out of reach for all but those marketers working for large consumer brands. Apps were difficult and expensive to create. As a marketer, I am happy to be working with a company that is changing that for my people.

Marketers, listen up… unless you know JavaScript, you can’t build this yourself, but if you can find even a newbie developer, you can have a pretty sweet app ready in days (seriously, days). Geo-location, database integration, videos/slideshows, direct messaging… all easy to do with the Application Craft platform. And you can build, deploy and maintain it for free (if you don’t mind ads in your app). Check out the AC Free Platform. Don’t want ads? Upgrade to the AC Pro Platform. Is cost an issue? If you are a marketer, write to me (dverstegen at applicationcraft dot com) and I’ll set you up with a discount (that’s what I do for my people).

Read more about apps in the Application Craft blog.

An iPad app created by a small stone company based in South Africa.


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