The End of the Beginning

Verstegen’s Good Week/Bad Week – 10.10 – Mirkarimi, Armstrong, 49ers, Romney

Bad Week

San Francisco Women – Ross Mirkarimi has been reinstated as San Francisco Sheriff. How can we POSSIBLY have a sheriff who just pled guilty to domestic violence? Isn’t his job (and responsibility as a human being) to be one of the good guys? This vote by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors sends a very troubling message to all women that domestic violence is just not a big deal in the eyes of the San Francisco government.

Lance Armstrong – Ever since Lance Armstrong announced last summer that he would no longer fight the charges against him, I wondered why. He claimed that he needed to move on with his life. But walk away from the fight to save his name, records and all his life’s work?! That doesn’t sound like the incredibly competitive man that we have been watching for years. But now it is clear why. He quit because he is guilty. I read the articles and reports and the evidence is overwhelming. What a shame.



Good Week

The San Francisco 49ers – Can these guys be stopped? It is remarkable how good they are on both sides of the ball. They are playing with poise and confidence and barring any major injuries, I expect a strong playoff run.

Mitt Romney – Mitt Romney was aggressive and not always truthful but apparently that’s what America wants because he was declared the winner of the first presidential debate by everyone (even my man Jon Stewart). It is as if we are back in the days of Teddy Roosevelt when ideas and dignity no longer matter… only machismo. Enjoy the bump Mitt because Barack Obama is not only a better man than you but he is also a hell of a lot smarter. I expect the next debate will be a very different story.


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