The End of the Beginning

Good Week/Bad Week 2.22.13
February 22, 2013, 3:57 PM
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Good Week

Unknown Musical Artists: The Billboard 100 will now count song plays on YouTube. If you can go viral (Harlem Shake anyone?), your name will now reach a much larger global audience. You’ll be LEGIT. Too legit to quit (I couldn’t resist)!

Hugh Jackman: Win or lose, have you ever seen anyone enjoy the Oscar season as much as Hugh Jackman. He got to play the role that he dreamed of from childhood and now is the odds on favorite for a nice gold statue. Could it happen to a better guy?!Image

Bad Week

Oscar Pistorius: He’s out on bail, but his life is over. Why must so many athletes disappoint us with their behavior?Image

U.S. Inflation: Marketplace did a eulogy for Inflation on Wednesday night after consumer index numbers finally fell to 0.0. I’m not sure if I will miss it, but I shouldn’t speak ill of the dead. If you’re heartbroken, go to Zimbabwe where I understand it’s alive and well there.


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