The End of the Beginning

Verstegen’s Good Week/Bad Week – 9.19.13
September 19, 2013, 12:58 PM
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Good Week

iPhone Users:  iOS 7.0 brings a dramatically improved look and feel to iPhones. Yes, it DOES make iPhones more Android-like, but only the best user-interface elements (and not all the complexity). Not only is my phone now prettier, but the most important functions are easier to access. Well done Apple!


Gay Christians: The Pope declares that the church should not “interfere spiritually” with LGBT Christians. He goes on to say that many (homophobic) churches and pastors get caught up in “small-minded things.” Finally, INCLUSIVE leadership from the church. I fervently hope that this will help bring peace to members of my community that “believe” but have been alienated by their religion.



Bad Week

San Francisco Forty-Niners: All the Niner eggs are in the Kaepernick basket and now we see that he may not be the Superman who can carry the franchise on his back (duh). Not only did the very impressive Seattle Seahawks beat us (that sentence is painful to type), but the Niners also lost the game… defense, offense and special teams share the responsibility. It was ugly all around.


US Naval Shipyard: The US Navy ignored warnings that they might be attacked and 13 people didn’t get to go home after work on Monday. It sounds an awful lot like the fallout from 911 when it was clear that the US ignored warnings of that attack too.


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